The New Higgins Base!!!!!

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Last Updated: 10/19/01
Ok ok. So I know that alot has happened since I last spoke. But unless you've been living under a rock, you know what I mean. But I won't mention it. But not all that much news to report. Considerding the fact that Roughnecks is not on air. But to the extenet of my knowledge, its on cable TV in Australia and sometimes on in Washington state. the new layout and design for the site. So...on with your beings...people! And welcom to the New NEW Higgins Roughneck Base. Remember, I still don't have a guestbook. But hopefully later I shall!

Last Updated: 07/27/01

Hm...wanna know what some of the voice actors look like on Roughnecks? Too bad! Your only getting one look at one voice actor. My fav! Higgins! If you wanna see Rico, T'Phai, Razak, and some of the creators, click on the pic below and check it out! Join up and get connected! Check out the latest happening with the Roughnecks, and get to see stuff like never before! We here at Higgins Roughneck base are doing our part. Are you? Join the Roughneck Chronciles Fourm! Today!


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